Hazy Days of Summer

 If you've seen the movie "The Help" then you know that Celia definitely felt "hazy" when it came to hostessing anything, including dinner for her husband. A wedding or baby shower, dinner party, brunch for friends, special birthdays etc. was out of the question. Luckily she found Minnie to come in to "help".  "I just want them to think I can do it all on my own", is what Celia stated in the movie.  And it worked. 
     Have you ever felt like Celia? Do you want to look as if you can bring home the bacon, fry it, serve it, clean it etc. and look good while doing it?  Well with schedules becoming busier and busier this day and time that's practically impossible. Plus you may not enjoy the prep but love the event itself.  That's where Solgarden comes in.  Think of me as "The Help".  For a fee I will "help" you plan and set the scene (using items from the store) for any occasion no matter how big or small.  Then just like Minnie I will scoot away and to your guests (whether one or more) YOU will appear like you have done it all. You won't appear lazy or hazy about anything.  If interested just email me at mysolgarden@gmail.com.  The possibilities are endless.  Oh and don't worry I am good at "Using what you got so you don't spend a lot!"


Don't Forget.......

Our new store hours have been working great!  Thanks for your support.

Sunday- 12-5
Monday- closed
Tuesday- 10-7
Wednesday- 10-7
Thursday- 10-7
Friday- 10-7
Saturday- 10-6

This Friday-"Ain't That America" event in conjunction with the Musical Chairs Series on Clay Street, Grit and Grace and Filament. Band on the street and fun in the stores to celebrate summer, small town living and America!  Please join!