Happy Father’s Day

Last week it was “Outfits for Going Places” and this week it is “Gifts to Show Your Graces!” After all we are mainly a gift store and it is Father’s Day this weekend.  I like to call it Daddy Day.  I’ve been blessed with a DADDY and there is a difference and he knows it. He’s ia father when advice is needed but he is mostly a Daddy when everything else (shoulder, love, beach partner, wine partner etc.) is needed.  I am thankful.  Consider stopping by Solgarden this weekend and picking out slomething special for your Dad. These pictures show some ideas and a lady just walked out with a Superman coozie and a cool bottle opener for hers. She’s going to stop by Trackside and pick up a six pack and be all set with her theme gift.  If Glenn were here he and I would be playing the jukebox. I’m happy for you to bring your Dad by to do the same. Dad’s are the best dance partners. Happy Father’s Day whether you are one, have one, know one etc. Solgarden celebrates you!

Kelli PotterComment