...."Tis the Season, And We're Not Talking About Christmas!

"Tis the Season for weddings, graduations, outdoor fun, live music and anything else that can put a "SPRING in Your Step!"  (see what I did there?) And naturally while thinking of a spring in your step socks fit right in.  I picked these two to feature because I think there's a party there.  Being the Phantom Hostess in addition to the owner of Solgarden I am always thinking about a party.  These would be perfect for a wedding shower gift.  The theme of the shower could be "Opposites Attract".  These his/her socks could set the tone for the whole event.  Drinks and food are already set.  Let me know if this idea puts a "Spring in Your Step!"  I'm happy to help.

Let's take a different route (see what I did there too?).  These socks would work for anyone celebrating something because you think of wine and champagne when celebrating occasions.  There are also gin and tonic socks, wine and cheese socks and of course beer socks.  Someone graduating?  That's worth celebrating.  We also have socks that represent all kinds of professions so those could be a fun gift too.

So basically if you need a fun gift.......March (there I go again) yourself over to Solgarden.  We are happy to help you.

Kelli PotterComment