"In My Mind I'm Going to......The South, Carolina and Mebane (to be exact!)

"Whew!"  That is some place!  New York City that is.  Olivia and I just got back from an excursion to the Big Apple.  We stayed in Manhattan and did what the locals do with a few touristy things.  If I had been on a girls trip.....The magnet in the store that says, "I believe we have an opportunity to make some extremely poor choices!" may have been the case but as it was she and I made some great memories and for that I am thankful.  One tourist highlight was our visit to Coney Island.  One of the longest running sideshows is still performed there and we checked it out since we both enjoyed "The Greatest Showman."  If I had several pairs of the Blue Q socks that say, "You're beautiful don't change" with me there, I would of given them to each performer. So inspiring.  Maybe I'll ship some. I'll be sure to update you.  There was lots of shopping and eating where the locals do.  Olivia swears I was being flirted with because of my southern accent.  I did get a free blueberry muffin.  Speaking of the south we both decided that in our minds we will always go to the south, Carolina and specifically Mebane to feel at home.  While roaming and chatting about many folks asked where we were from. "We are from a small town in North  Carolina, near Chapel Hill called Mebane." Of course that brought up the Tar Heels.  I wore the Troll's bar shirt one day and it was definitely a conversation piece.  "Mebane?" "What's it like?" , we were also asked.  Well that was easy to answer.  Quaint and charming of course. Friendly and relaxed yet booming and growing.  I also like to think very community oriented.  That was proven while we were away.  There was a local benefit in town for Glenda Day at Clay Street Tavern where bar staff from Whiskey Sowers closed their own establishment to help out. Needless to say, I'm proud this is my home.  We carry Mebane merchandise so you too can show your pride.  We also feature a variety of products locally made by residents of Mebane as well as surrounding areas.  I enjoyed visiting the local shops on our trip just to check them out.  I think if Solgarden were in Manhattan I may have to post the sign, "Be Nice Or Leave".  As it is,  I'll just sell them.  Huge shout out to my Solgardenettes that filled in.  The store was well taken care of.

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Products Featured- Mebane T-shirt- 19.99, Troll's Bar Shirt- 20.00, Blue Q Socks- 10.00, Mebanite Magnet- 6.00, Mebane, N.C. Magnet-5.00, Mebane Coozie- 3.99, Canvas Sign(Twisted Wares)-14.99