Home Sweet Home....On So Many Levels!

Well my brain was all over the place thinking of the photos for this one.  I started thinking about the Dogwood Festival and how great it is to live in Mebane and then I thought about Mebane as my hometown and that led to these cute doorstoppers that actually light up because I use them at the store on pretty days like this and that led to Solgarden also being my home and that led to telling people to stop by this weekend which led to, "And we'll leave the light on for you!" which was a commercial tag line for Motel 6 back in the day and that led to the picture of the awesome wooden lantern at the store and that brought it all full circle.  And yes, I know these are run-on sentences because I was a teacher remember.  However, I've been told I write like I talk and it definitely sounded like this is my brain so there you go.  And let's not forget all this was going on while listening to "I'm On Top Of The World" by the Carpenters on the jukebox.  I feel that way sometimes about my life here in Mebane and I hope you do too.  As one of my customers you contribute to that and I am thankful.

In summary, stop by this weekend and say hello.  Celebrate and enjoy this place we call home!.........And if you do some shopping that would be great also.

Kelli PotterComment