Eclectic- deriving ideas, style or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources.

Solgarden- Eclectic Living has been the full name of this little corner shop since its' beginning in the year 2000.  I have recently been tweaking what I see as this shop's vision statement and this is what I have at the moment; "This corner store will help its customers celebrate ECLECTIC LIVING by providing experiences and gifts that make it easy to do so." As the tag line suggests we carry an "ECLECTIC" range of items from clothing to kids toys to beer coozies to old school Chapel Hill Bar t-shirts to home decor to crazy socks........well you get the idea.  So if I consider the definition of ECLECTIC as I work around the store I am encouraged to think outside the box if you will with items that I carry.  One that has stood out to me recently that I have applied the ECLECTIC definition to are the hanging wind spinners.  Now most people would think that these are only meant for a porch........BUT...........if you allow yourself to think eclectically (is that a word?) consider it for a mobile in a baby's nursery.  How fun would that be???? Then they will say, "Well I would have never thought of that!" and you'll be known as the creative one on the block who thinks outside the box.  You can take credit for it and I won't mind.  If you like my idea I consider that a huge compliment anyway.  So visit and let Solgarden help you celebrate ECLECTIC living!

Kelli PotterComment