"Use What You Got So You Don't Spend A Lot!"

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I'll admit I've been using both these sayings a lot lately in my current state.  Those of you that know me well know where I'm coming from!  And those of you that don't?........Just keep reading these blogs and chatting with me at the shop and you will.  As the saying goes, "What you see is what you get!"
So what do you see in this photo?  That cute table cover is actually a spring scarf.  I needed a table cover for Easter and searched the shop to find this.  As I was saying, "Use what you got so you don't spend a lot!"  That cute floral arrangement is actually a purse opened up with florist foam in the bottom to hold the branches and flowers in place.  Again, needed a centerpiece for Easter, roamed the store and "Viola!"  The lamp had a clear glass base and I found it boring so I shoved some tissue paper in it (the lamp base that is:-) and the lamp went from art/deco to boho just like that!  
So why the The Rathskeller T-shirt and cute ceramic bowl?  Well these old school bar t-shirts are one of our most popular products. If you ever visited the "Rat" in Chapel Hill as it was called, you know they understood the saying, "Use what you got so you don't spend a lot!"  The Bowl of Cheese (aka lasagna) was one of their signature dishes they capitalized on for many years.  I've often thought it would be fun to wear that t-shirt, serve up lasagna in that cute bowl while listening to...."Oh Yes, I'm the Great Pretender" on the jukebox in the shop because I would be pretending I knew how to make that bowl of cheese.  Hence the phrase, "Fake it till you make it!"  
And then once I was done with my photo scene I had to include the Blue Q socks I had on (You Crafty B#$%^)  because after all, I am one...."Just Sayin!"  

Featured Products
Tasseled Scarf by Mudpie- 24.99
Lamp Base by Midwest CBK- 49.99
Tissue Paper by Kelli- 0.00
Lamp Shade by Natural Life- 39.99
Rathskeller t-shirt- 20.00
Ceramic Bowl by Ganz- 13.00
You Crafty B#$%^ Socks by Blue Q- 10.00
Just Sayin Note Pad by Knock Knock-4.99

File Apr 03, 4 33 39 PM.jpeg
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