Think Outside The "Gift" Box!

One of the reasons I have created the Phantom Hostess as part of Solgarden is because my mind is always working and looking for ways I can use things.  Being single, on my own with my own business it has been necessary to find ways to do just that.  I live in a tiny house and believe me when I say things are used "Every Which Way But Loose!" (Who remembers that song?) These pieces of fabric came in as scarves but they have become everything from a table cover to a tree skirt to a blanket.  One gift four ways!  That's a bargain for $14.99.  And everybody loves a bargain.  

So if you come to Solgarden you will find these "scarves" in many patterns.  If you hire the Phantom Hostess to help you decorate, plan for an occassion etc.  I will look around your surroundings with the same mindset I do at the store.  What can I use and how can I use it?  After all, use what you got so you don't spend a lot  is something I've learned to live by.  Make your purchases count......And if you just love to shop and spend?  Well I love that too!  Come visit.  Looking forward to seeing everyone this Christmas season.  I may even find other ways to use you!  Lots of boxes to still unpack you know (Hee Hee).