Fitbit, Steps, Activity OH MY!

"Summertimes' Calling Me" by the Catalinas is playing on the jukebox and even though it is chilly and rainy I am reminded that indeed it is coming.  I check my fitbit and find that number depressing. Since I've been sitting working on this newsletter I haven't moved much. I decide to hop up and do the 7 minute workout challenge you can find on line to put a little pep in my step on this dreary day.  People will be ok if they come in and I'm doing jumping jacks right?

Now, that's better!  I am reminded of those people who seem to be running on full throttle all day.  You know, the one that has solved all the world's problems by 6:00 AM.  In fact, I find myself waking up thinking about that person and wonder how many things they have checked off their list already. They have run 6 miles and I'm just starting my 6th sip of coffee. Now no doubt I think I have more fun, but there is a place in this world for both types and everything in between I believe.  

That's where these eclectic gifts come to play.  Something for opposite ends of the spectrum.  The activity spectrum as the case may be.  The magnetic map is perfect for mapping all those bikes raced and marathons ran.  However, also a nice gift for the retired person hopping in their RV so they can track their stops (by Demdaco-34.99).  Next we have the "Happy Trails To You" frame.  This is suitable for framing the image of someone finishing the biking portion of the IRON MAN race or the graduate who is heading off to college (wood painted frame by Demadac0 holds 3.5x3.5-12.99).  The bike hat with a bottle opener speaks for itself.  You'll either open a cold one when the race is finished or you will sip all along while waiting for your racer to cross the finish line (mesh backing by Big Shot- 24.99).  Of course the recycled vinyl bag that says "Hellraiser" also speaks for itself, Gettin' it done and having a blast while doing so followed by the magnet that just cracks me up (bag by Blue Q-7.50, magnet by Ann Taintor- 4.99)  Ok I'm not that bad.  And if you are "Oh Well!" As I've  said, eclectic gifts for all kinds of eclectic people.  I'll take the vinyl bag.  It suits me just perfectly!