One and Done

Well if you follow Solgarden on Facebook and Instagram you may have seen my post about "One and Done".  These posts are describing items in the store that I only have 1 left of.  It's one of those quandaries in retail.  You can have an item that sales like hotcakes as they say and when you are down to one and only one it is as if the item has suddenly become evil.  It remains all by its lonesome when once it was the popular kid on the block.  
I use to use this phrase when asked if I was going to have any more children. "One and Done!" I would say.  I even responded to Olivia that way when she asked if she was getting a brother or sister.  That's how my shop dog Max came into being by the way.  This Momma's version of a sister or brother. And he has fulfilled the role very well I might add.
Back to retail, some of my favorite items are now part of the "One and Done" club for various reasons.  Maybe not forever but for now.  So if you find it in your heart to give these guys a home I'm sure they would appreciate it.  There are two shown here and there are a few more at the shop.  The pebble picture would be a great Father's Day gift for other "One and Done" families out there. So stop in for one of something or several.  We are always happy to see you.  Oh, and if you don't follow us on Facebook (search for Solgarden) and Instagram (search for solgardenkp) please do so.  You wouldn't want to be the ONLY ONE not doing so:-) 

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