......Lastly, Crazy Days of Summer!

Does summer have you counting down the days until the kids are back in school and things are back to normal?  Does it have you anticipating when people will settle back into a normal routine and your business can get back on track?  How about awaiting a weather change so that you are forced to stay inside and get some "house" things done?  Whatever your form of crazy is this summer I have an offer for you!
If you read last week's newsletter I talked about "The Help".  Allowing Solgarden to come in and "help" in situations you are uncomfortable with or don't have time for but want to do.
Just like Minnie did for Celia in the movie "The Help".  
So how is this an offer?  Well the blonde in that photo is me!  Just think of me as Celia from the movie paying it forward.  Taking what Minnie taught her and using it to teach other people.  I look the part right?  I need three people who have events they would like to do.  Maybe a birthday party you don't have time to plan or a dinner party for relatives that are in town you can't seem to gear up for? What about a wedding or baby shower you need to have for your best friend's child but you can't find the time because things are so crazy? Maybe brunch for your bookclub or an anniversary dinner?  Whatever, I want to help.  I will meet with you to understand how you want to set the scene (theme and decor) and then I will do it! I will help you with food choices and ways to make it easy and affordable for you along with other details that make any occasion special.  AND THEN THE BEST PART IS YOU HAVE TIME TO ENJOY THE OCCASION AND LOOK EFFORTLESS WHILE DOING SO.  All this in exchange for references, social media advertising etc.. Just want to get the ball rolling on my own version of "The Help".  
If interested email me at mysolgarden.com.  Please provide what you need my help with along with convincing information as to why.  Think Calgon commercial.  Sell yourself and sell hard.  I look forward to hearing from you AND if you haven't seen the movie, Do yourself a favor!

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