Solgarden and The Phantom Hostess are Chicken Soup For MY Soul!

The shop and hostessing business ARE my creative outlet.  For years,  being an elementary school teacher allowed me the opportunity to tap into my creative side.  However, politics got in the way and that job was becoming more and more scripted and less creative.  Forward to a girls trip with Jill Auditori bringing up selling the store and me buying it. Then fast forward 4 years later and TA-DA! Here I am!  Solgarden has been good for my soul.  The people, the community, the space, the shopping along with the day in and day out have tapped into my creative side for sure.  And now adding The Phantom Hostess even more so.  That little venture allows me to expand the 4 walls at 115 North 4th Street. You can take the GIRL out of the SHOP but you can't take the SHOP out of the GIRL! The hostessing requires me to "Use what I got so I don't spend A lot!" I have access to so many things through the wholesale world.  That way I can add the creative and detailed touches that make an occasion special without spending A lot!  Win/win in my book.

On March the 9th I had the opportunity to plan and carry out a 50th birthday for a Carolina Girl at a barn.  I had to get creative in disguising the barn "stuff" yet utilizing its charm.  Butcher paper banners with simple black and white drawings, items from the guest of honors jersey collection of playing soccer over the years, turf grass from a spring display at the shop, tissue paper flowers on pool noodles are just a few of the ways I managed.  looking at how it all came together and represented the birthday girl so well was definitely Chicken Soup FOR MY Soul.  

So.......Need to celebrate? Maybe you just need a table setting for a special dinner party?

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