There is STILL Some Good in the World

I have been a little off my game lately.  It happens I know.  One of the reasons I think so is because of recent events my town has experienced.  I have been wearing the *%#* out of the "You're Killing My Vibe" socks and "You and Me Against The World" by Helen Reddy has been a constant on the jukebox.  The high school in town experienced some threats and since I have a daughter in 9th grade it hit really close to home (we have baseball socks too!) I could hear my Grandma (AKA Bigma) telling me not to have kids because they'd never get grown!  Well I did and with "She and I Against the World" we'll make it because THERE IS STILL SOME GOOD IN THE WORLD!  Since February I have had the pleasure of working jointly with students of the said high school marketing class and their teacher Coach Smith.  I was already working with the pottery class by allowing them space in my store for their work so they could raise money for the pottery program.  This was just another way to keep me connected to a classroom since I did spend many years in one.  This teacher and group of students have come along side of me, helped me write a marketing plan, help me execute a marketing plan AND help me stay accountable to my goals.  Coach Smith brought them all over one day to shoot commercials and take photos I can use on my website.  The group continues to give me hope in education and the human race.  I feel honored to have had the experience so I chose to write about this.  With so much negativity going on I felt it was important to share that there is indeed STILL SOME GOOD IN THE WORLD!

Kelli PotterComment