100 Reasons To Panic About.......

"Having My Baby" by Paul Anka and "Isn't She Lovely" by Stevie Wonder playing on the jukebox while writing this one!  I can also see Martiinho's out my side door which apparantly was a hospital at one time since many folks have told me they were born there.  And no I'm not trying to tell you something or make some big announcement other than.....We have KID products and gifts for BABY SHOWERS!  Any expectant mother can relate to the Blue Q socks featured ($10.00)and any expectant father will get a chuckle out of the Panic Book by Knock Knock ($9.99). My personal favorite reason to panic is #54..."You have a dog and, frankly, you never trained him well so how will you rear an actual child? The cozy muslin swaddling cloth (24.99) is lightweight enough for these spring days and the Easy Kneezies ($9.99) match PLUS keep the little one comfy while scootchin' around on the very clean floors you will continue to have:-) All moms know scootchin' is a real word.  Maybe a t-shirt from the Porthole (old school bar in Chapel Hill- $20.00) would make her happy, or sad, depending on her emotions.  It could bring back memories of their unforgettable yeast rolls and then she would get a craving and want some because pregnant women get cravings.  If that happens the recipe is on- line. Just so you know.  

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