Springing and Flinging!

....After all the tagline here at Solgarden is "Eclectic Living".  Eclectic meaning selecting what seems best from various styles, doctrines, ideas, methods, etc.  So it only seems fitting we would use hat boxes and ball caps for Easter baskets. You're probably thinkng, "Now why didn't I think of that?" Well that answer is simple.  This is my gifting.  You've heard me say, "Use what you got so you don't spend alot!" That's what I do when decorating my house, the store and apparently putting together Easter baskets.  That's also what the Phantom Hostess (AKA- Me) does when I set up your dinner party, decorate for that special birthday, help you plan a theme party or that simple backyard wedding.  There are a couple of reasons I have adopted this motto. For one, its less expensive and that's always helpful.  Two, if you use what you already have it brings about a more personal touch.  We have what we have for a reason and that's usually because we like it.  Third, the creativity that is required gets me going.  I get an idea in my head (Easter) and walk around and around the store viewing everything through that lens.  Suddenly a ball cap is not a ball cap anymore!  Perfect song to play on the jukebox while this is happening?, "These Rose Colored Glasses".  An additional benefit is I have no trouble getting my steps in for the day walking 'round and 'round.  So allow us to help you celebrate Spring, Easter and all that those imply.  Shop with us for gifts to show your graces, to accessorize outfits for going places and cozy up your comfortable living spaces! Oh, and your Easter baskets of course:-)

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